Relief Beyond Borders: A Triumph Over Hemifacial Spasm December 27, 2023

Relief Beyond Borders: A Triumph Over Hemifacial Spasm

An international patient arrived at SSB Heart And Multispeciality Hospital, Faridabad, carrying a decade-long burden of left-side facial twitching. Despite multiple Botox sessions back in their home country, relief remained elusive, casting a shadow of despair over the patient and their family. The assumption of an incurable affliction loomed large until they found their way to Dr. Bhoopendra Foujdar, Head of the Neuro-Spine Surgery Department

Upon a thorough examination and a battery of investigations, a rare culprit emerged—hemifacial spasm. This condition was intricately linked to a blood vessel loop exerting pressure on the left facial nerve, the very conductor of facial expressions. The challenge was considerable, but Dr. Bhoopendra Foujdar embarked on a journey to bring relief to the suffering patient.

The surgical endeavor was no ordinary feat. With the aid of cutting-edge technology such as Neuro Navigation and intraoperative Neuro Monitoring, Dr. Foujdar meticulously separated the offending blood vessel from the delicate facial nerve. This amalgamation of expertise and advanced technology is a testament to the hospital's commitment to providing world-class care.

The surgical precision reached its zenith with the placement of a small Teflon patch between the nerve and the blood vessel. Miraculously, the patient experienced complete relief from the persistent facial twitching from the very next day post-surgery, a phenomenon that was once deemed unattainable. Remarkably, the patient bid farewell to the hospital on the third day after the surgery.

The success of this intricate and highly precise surgery underscores not only Dr. Bhoopendra Foujdar's expertise but also the hospital's commitment to leveraging state-of-the-art technology for the well-being of its patients. It is a reaffirmation that at SSB Heart And Multispeciality Hospital, medical challenges are met with innovation and compassion, transcending geographical boundaries for a healthier, happier world.

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