Biomedical waste (BMW) is handled appropriately and safely.

The Biomedical waste management in the hospital is done by housekeeping in designated colour coded plastic bags. The different categories of BMW are than collected by authorized agency as approved by pollution control board for final disposal.

Categorization of BMW

Hospital wastes may be categorized as mentioned below:

  • Category – 1 Human Anatomical Waste
  • Category – 2 Animal Wastes
  • Category – 3 Microbiology and biotechnology waste
  • Category – 4 Sharps
  • Category – 5 Discarded medicines
  • Category – 6 Solid wastes (plaster casts and bandages soiled with blood and body secretions)
  • Category – 7 Plastics and disposable (other solid waste)
  • Category – 8 Liquid Waste
  • Category – 9 Incinerator ash
  • Category – 10 Chemical wastes

BMW management has the following elements

  • Segregation
  • Transportation
  • Pre-treatment
  • Treatment
  • Final disposal


It is the heart, kidney, liver & lungs of Bio medical waste management. It may be defined as separation of various categories of wastes in color- coded bins/bags at source by the generators of the waste. At Hospital have 3 color-coded bags.

  • Yellow Categories 1, 2, 3, and 6, 8
  • Red Categories 3, 6
  • Black Categories 5, 9 and 10
  • Blue Categories 4 and 7


The waste collection vans collect the waste twice a day between 8.00 am to 9.00 am & 3.00 to 4.00 pm every day. Within the hospital the waste is transported in dedicated trolleys. The infective waste is collected in polyethylene bags and transported to BMW Treatment facility by designated staff.


We have puncture proof plastic boxes for needles and are Kept only for 24 hr. & then close given for disposal.


  • FinalDisposal

The black bags and waste therein is dispensed along with other municipal waste.

The private company incinerates the yellow bags outside and the local civic authorities to be used in landfills collect resultant ash.

The blue bags & red begs are autoclaved to render them non-infectious, and then are subjected to shredding and finally dispensed.

Staff safety considerations:

To ensure the safety of personnel involved in Bio Medical Waste treatment and disposal Hospital follows certain policies and guidelines. These are

  • There are dedicated trolleys for transporting waste within the hospital.
  • All workers involved in this work are aware of the hazardous nature of this work.
  • The workers are provided with gumboots, rubber aprons, caps masks and cloth lined thick rubber gloves.
  • All workers are immunized against tetanus and hepatitis B.

Statuary aspect:

  • All the authorization & licenses are kept updated
  • Appropriate PPE are being practiced by all staff members
  • Suggestion of BMW is done as per statutory requirement of the state in different colour coded plastic bags & puncture proof boxes for sharps. Their safe transportation from all floors is done in a BMW card to final BMW collection area. From then the Vehicle of authorized BMW agency alerts it time daily as per agreement.
  • Transportation of the BMW is through covered bin, after proper locking of the bags once they are 3/4th filled. This entire activity is supervised by respective floor housekeeping Supervisors. The monitoring of the process is done by Infection Control Nurses & Officer on daily basis.
  • The outsourced authorized agency by state pollution control board is being visited by hospital at least once in 6 months to ensure proper disposal of BMW at the facility.
  • Appropriate PPE are being used by staff members and compliances are measured by regular audits. The training for the same is given to staff handling BMW.

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