Discharge Process

  • When a treating doctor feels that the patient is fit and fine and ready to go home, the same is directed by the doctor in the patient’s medical record in writing.
  • As soon as the attending nurse is informed by the doctor, the patient’s family is informed, and the billing department/ TPA department starts the final billing process.
  • Nurse will assist you in the discharge process which may take a few hours to complete.
  • For cash patients – once the final bill is generated, the patient’s family is expected to clear all the dues by paying in cash or by a credit/debit card.
  • For Insurance policy holder’s – bills are generated and sent to the insurance company for final approval.
  • Patient family is expected to pay a non-approved amount in cash or by a credit/debit card.
  • After final payment, the billing department will issue a 2 discharge notification slips, which you need to handover to the nurse, and security guard for the clearance.
  • The nurse will hand over your discharge summary and reports.
  • Nurse will also explain the medications you need to continue after your discharge and any other follow-up instructions.
  • Patients/their family are requested to fill a feedback form at the time of discharge, so that feedback can be evaluated in order to implement and sustain the service we provide to our patients.
  • Please note that the discharge takes 4-5 hours to complete formalities after instructions by the consultant. Additional delay is expected in TPA/ Insurance Patient as processing takes longer time.
  • Please note that management reserves the rights to modify the policy anytime.

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