Patient Attendants Rights & Responsibility

Patient Rights:

  • Right to access to care and clinical records
  • Right to privacy & confidentiality
  • Right to protection from neglect, personal safety & security
  • Right to refusal of treatment
  • Right to second opinion & right to consent
  • Right to voice complaints
  • Right to know the expected cost of treatment
  • Right to information on treatment plan & health care needs
  • Right to special preferences, spiritual and cultural needs

Patient Responsibilities:

  • To provide accurate & complete information
  • Right to access to care and clinical records
  • To follow treatment plan recommended
  • To pay bill on time
  • Maintain silence
  • Not to smoke in hospital premises
  • Keep the hospital environment clean
  • To respect the hospital staff
  • For their action if they refuse treatment
  • To be on time for appointments

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