Rare case of Mycobacterium Chimaera February 4, 2022

Rare case of Mycobacterium Chimaera

A patient diagnosed with TB in Chandigarh came to SSB hospital with fever, difficulty in breathing and bloody cough. He had lost 20- 30kgs in 2 years and was on oxygen with severe lung damage. Dr. Danish, senior pulmonologist at SSB hospital, Faridabad admitted the patient and did bronchoscopic lung cleaning and treatment to stop severe bleeding from lungs. The team of expert doctors along with the microbiology lab found a very rare bacteria in lungs of the patient- Mycobacterium Chimaera which is very difficult to diagnose and treat. The patient underwent continuous care at SSB hospital with special medical treatment and improved significantly. He stopped having difficulty in breathing and bloody cough. He recovered 20kg of weight and started walking without any oxygen. Most of his lung has been saved and he has recovered from this rare disease. The department of respiratory medicine at SSB Hospital is one of the best in Delhi-NCR with two senior pulmonologist, Dr. Danish Jamal and Dr.Hemant Goel. Department is having all advanced equipments & critical care services 24x7.

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