Total Knee Replacement

Arthritis of the knee joint means damage to the cartilage of the joint. Most common cause of arthritis is age-related arthritis which is commonly referred as Osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Other causes of arthritis are post –traumatic (after injury), in inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and after infection

When arthritis affects the joint, patient suffers from pain which gradually increases with time and deformities at joint (bowing). When arthritis is in initial stages then a multimodal treatment strategy is employed which includes exercises, physiotherapy some precautions and medicines.

When damage to cartilage is extensive then walking becomes very painful for the patient and in some cases patient is not even able to stand. In that cases patient is advised surgery. Depending upon condition of the joint at partial or total knee replacement surgery can be performed. In this procedure damaged cartilage is replaced by artificial bearing surface.

Over a period of decades there has been lot of improvement in surgical techniques as well as implants used in surgery.

Total knee replacement surgery now a days is done with precise technology using computer assisted navigation and fast track protocol.

This allows patient to walk on same day of surgery and recovery period is reduced.

If one suffers from joints pain, it should not be ignored and should be consulted at the earliest so that our natural joint can be saved.