Important Tips for Diabetes

Keeping your blood sugar levels within the reach suggested by your doctor can be tough. The reason behind that is certain things make your sugar levels change, sometimes suddenly. Few factors that can influence your blood glucose levels are: –


Smart dieting is a foundation of healthy living — with or without diabetes. But if you have diabetes, you need to know what food varieties needed for your sugar levels. It’s not only the type of food you eat that affects, quantity and the combination of foods as well.

What to do

  • Know about carbohydrate counting and quantity of food intake
  • Your meal should be balanced with essential nutrients
  • Coordination between meals and medication
  • Strictly avoid sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Have your meals in time intervals


Staying physically active makes your body to consume more sugar. Exercise on a regular basis helps your body to use insulin more efficiently.

What to do

  • Discuss an exercise plan with your doctor
  • Keep daily exercise schedule
  • Measure your sugar levels before and after the exercise
  • Always keep trying to Stay well hydrated
  • Be ready with gadgets like a medical identification bracelet


When diet and exercise alone aren’t sufficient for managing sugar levels, oral medications and insulin are there to control your sugar levels.

What to do

  • Proper insulin storage
  • Immediately report the problems to your doctor
  • Be attentive and cautious with new medication prescriptions


While you are ill your body produces a higher amount of cortisol hormone, which may result in an increase in blood sugar levels.

What to do

  • Consult your doctor and plan ahead on how to manage ups and downs in blood sugar levels during illness
  • Continue diabetic medicines as per your doctor
  • Stick to your designed meal plan

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