Very Large Face Tumor Operated Successfully at SSB Hospital, Faridabad February 5, 2022

Very Large Face Tumor Operated Successfully at SSB Hospital, Faridabad

A patient came to OPD with a large tumor on the right side of his face with deformity of ear. Over the last 2 months, it has increased in size rapidly making patient very tense. He was also worried about the facial appearance due to the tumor, risk of paralysis of facial nerve causing difficulty in mouth opening, distortion of face, difficulty eating. The patient was extensively counselled and all his fears were put to bay. He was explained about the entire procedure in detail. Dr. Prem Kumar (senior consultant- general surgery) and Dr. Gaurav Bhatia (plastic surgeon) at SSB hospital, removed the tumor very carefully to save the facial nerve and all its branches. After the removal of the tumor, the defect was covered by a flap to promote healing and match the other side of face. This flap was designed and executed by advance plastic surgery technique and was beautifully placed over the site from where tumor was removed. Post-surgery, patient recovered very well and was allowed to have liquids and soft diet on the day of surgery itself. Next day, he was allowed to have normal food and was discharged successfully with only a small dressing. Presently, there is no deformity or facial paralysis. The scar is thin, hidden in skin crease and hardly visible scar. The patient is very happy with the successful cure of his disease and very good cosmetic appearance of his face without any deformity despite undergoing such extensive surgery.

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